English Game Show


Here is a fun way to revise your English grammar.

The clock is ticking. Make sure that you choose quickly.

Press HINT if you need help.

Check the quick explanation under the answer.

Go to English Grammar Secrets for more detailed explanations.

Note your personal best score.

As we add more questions, play the game again and try to improve your personal best.


441 thoughts on “English Game Show”

    1. test is very inventive, however some sentences would require longer time for making a decision since they are too long and you have to take into account 2 combinations i.e. 8 each time. Thanks

      1. hi silvia. I am saeed from Iran, and I am trying to learn english. I am a researcher, writer and translator. Can we be friends? I will be glad to know you more, and get help from you to review the lessons. If you dont mind, plz send me a comment. thank you.

    2. Just tried the Stroppy Cat quiz and it was good fun. Students should enjoy this exercise for corrective English word order which I know they struggle with. Well done.

    3. As a part of my job I have to keep in touch with foringners that’s why I need to improve english. Nasir

    4. the test is fun and useful, I think it’s good not to have too much time to think about the answers, so that you can check the level of your ‘intuitive’ English. I think the seconds indicated now are just fine. Maybe you will add a list of answers with a short explanation at the end of the test?

    5. Iam a new subscriber, my interest that to learn more about english language and itis a foreign languange to
      me but I like it with high interest. therefor Iam serearching the way that to study this languange grammatically spokenly, I hope that to accept me as a new learner.

      1. Iam a new subscriber, your institute had
        attracted my aspirations and interests to learn english language as a foreign language to me, I have
        a long time looking for good institution to start learning with not yet found but today I found your institution is the good one despite Iam not yet start
        but attracted my interests to continue learnign

    6. This test is very inventive for me because english is a foreign language to me through many tests
      tomorrow I will became an english man,so I hope to start learning with your institute. your assistance would be highly appreciated
      Thanks- best regard

    7. Actualy I’m a English Teache so I want to increse my knoledge and be allrounded on of English, that’s why I want this way. Thanks the message

    8. i want to enhance my vocabulary in English, so can you send me more tests or games like this in my yahoo account? it can help me in my studies. thank you in advance

      1. hi.lets me to introduce my self.my name is cuncun.i want to make relation with many learner english in the world.can you

  1. hello when i saw your email i happy and very things i learn than it

    your email for me very useful and thank you very much.

  2. I would make the background of the test less flashy. I wouldn’t use the exact same colours for the answers on the time counter, as it detracts your attention. Also, I would like to see some kind of retardation when you click, as it seems very sudden you get your answer. It also needs some kind of “grip” if you want to answer (for example, letting your buttons get circled when you hover above it with the mouse).

  3. The question
    I ________________ here very often. The sentence and the hint both imply a positive activity, but the answer is in the negative (don’t come)

  4. Well-designed testing tool. I was a bit confused by the comments explaining the answers, perhaps those could be made clearer. Cheers!

  5. I would prefer to have the sentence with the blank on the left and the 4 sentences (or the propositions) written on the right so I can select one of them instead of looking up and down which is confusing. Thanks.

  6. Dear Mr. Brown,

    Unfortunatelly, due to business trip in countryside I am not able to follow each exercises you send to us. But, thanks to you and your lessons, I have a the chance to improve my flat english.

    Have a nice summer and a nice life,

  7. The explanation below helps a lot, thumbs up!
    A little suggestion regarding the ‘design’ (?) especially for the questions with more than one blank to be filled in.
    For example question like ‘I …usually … cereals…’
    The multiple choices are a bit confusing because there is no space between the answers. (e.g don’t have, which is actually don’t …… have)

    Oh, are there any grading system so that I can evaluate myself at which level I am now?
    I appreciate your work a lot. Thank you very very very much!!

    1. Yes, I am looking at the design. I was expecting more negative feedback about the ‘double’ questions but people seem to like them. I will have to look at the formatting again.

  8. Thank you Mr Brown, your tests +phrasal verbs made me to feel more comfortable when i am talking to people. Very professionaly done!great job!

  9. I’m an English teacher and the material you provide is great help for us, it’s a really helpful tool in our classes and a wonderful way of keeping in touch with real language use. Thanks a lot, great work. Thanks again

  10. thanks for all your lessons and exercise.
    I think the test is good, but the time given for questions is too short and make me feel anxious not giving time to read and think about answers.

  11. i think it is good, only it seems a bit advanced due to the timer. It would be a bit difficult for beginners to meet the time constraint.

    good luck

  12. 8859 means what?? i haven`t seen the score like “begginer;intermediate;advanced” , that is my complaint, but the test itself is very nice, and I particulary like this time running to hurry you up!!

    1. It doesn’t really mean anything. Just a bit of fun. When we have hundreds of questions, you can try to beat your personal best.

  13. It was a good idea to send such tests and I appreciate it.
    The problem with this time was that the timer was working and it made me a bit nervous. :)
    Again thanks.
    P.S: Just one request. Is it possible to make such tests for listening also?

  14. Feedback: it’s a nice test, but the score ticking away made me nervous and therefore I made more mistakes than I’m used to make in the tests you’re sending by mail.
    To me its not obvious what the function of the yellow circles is.

  15. Thanks a lot for the test. The only thing I do not understand is why it is correct to use ‘working’ but not ‘to work’ in the following sentence:

    We understand that you are not happy working (why not “to work”?) here.

    Would you be so kind to explain this.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Sure. I am happy to do this – this means that you are not doing it but are making an offer to do it.

      I am happy doing this – this means you are doing it at present and are happy doing it.

  16. Thank you for the test and all your help with resources! As for this test, the content covers some of the trickiest points learners encounter, which is very good. The technical side, however, can be improved by more obvious borders between the options. Thanks once again!

  17. I think that you should definitely include exercices on articles! It’s one of the most difficult parts of English grammar.

    Also, it would be a good idea to have different exercices for beginners, intermediates, advanced, proficient.

    Maybe you could get a grade after finishing the exercices.

    Thank you for everything.

    1. These are just some sample questions. It is just a beta. There will be several hundred questions in the final version.

      I don’t understand about why you would want a grade.

  18. This kind of test would be useful. Outlook is Great !! people can get to know the explanation of the wrong answer right away, with simple clarification. Keep it up!!

  19. Dear Sir,
    I really thank you for sending your lessons regularly.
    All lessons are valuale for me. I am fond of this lesson too.
    I never forget your gratitude. I will try to improve my English(four skills) day after day.
    If I have a chance, I really want to see you outside almost once.

  20. Thanx much, I am an English teacher and everything you send I find very helpful for my students…..this is what Ive been always looking for:-)

  21. Really nice.The platform works nicely and the questions,some a bit tricky,are practical,testing grammar in a real context .Congrats XD

  22. Very good, expecially the little grammar explanation after the answers. At the end of the test, you could compare the points obtained from the test to the maximum points available, for example 7500 over 10000. It ‘d be wonderful if you could improve it and make many tests for different levels of knowledge and difficulty.
    Thanks again!

  23. Thanks! It works well and I like that I can take the test several times. Still, it lacks some feedback about the results. In that kind of tests I would like to know what my score means :)
    Still, it is a great test and was well built up!

    1. The score is just supposed to be a bit of fun. When I have built up a bank of several hundred questions, you can redo the test several times and establish your personal best.

      1. That is a great idea :) I tried to redo that version of a test for several times, it was nice to see how the score rose. I hope I’ll do as well with a variety of questions :)

  24. I like this kind of exercise. Alternative answers can make situation tricky sometimes for one who is unsecure. Very good idea!

  25. Thank you for all the very useful free lesson materials.

    About the breakfast question in this quiz:
    Should it be “cereal” instead of “cereals”?

    1. Not where I come from. Is ‘cereal’ a mass noun in Canada? For us, we have a whole range of breakfast cereals.

  26. The test is very useful. I haven’t practiced my grammar since ages and this test was very useful for me. The more the questions the less cheeting while repeating the test. You made it much more difficult by changing the places of the answers – every time you make the test again the right answers are not under the same letters as the previous time. I loved the idea – it made me think harder to get the right answers. Also the fact that you have limitted time to answer makes you more concentrated. This version is going to be very difficult for beginners, so maybe you can make a version of the test for beginners – without limitted time for answer on each question.
    Great idea anyway!

    1. Thanks for that. To be honest, I am not really able to support beginners. I can only work if I get support from advertisers and nobody wants to advertise to beginners.

  27. Hello,
    I have been receiveng En lessons from you for years, that’s why I did the test twice. :)
    It is great that during the second time the questions were rearanged. The green indication for the time left and the hints are smart. And the test as a whole is fun. The only negative remark about it is the “Potential Points” sector. It make no sense for me to know them and distracted me. Normally a student wants to know how he/she did the test; not his potentiality (potential score). In other words “Score: xxxx Great!/ Excellent!” is well enought. I hope I was heplfull. Congratulations for your bright ideas! Wish you longlasting prosperyty and personal happiness!

    1. Interesting feedback. Some people seem to like the ‘countdown’ and it adds to the sense of ‘fun’ for some people.

      I will give this some thought. Thank you.

  28. I find this program pretty useful for intermediate students. Being an English teacher this programme gave me an idea to design similar exercises for my students.

    1. I think the time element is a good idea. I also think having a score adds an element of competition without turning it into a formal testing exercise.

  29. Thanks very much for this very good test. It’s great to be able to take it over and over again trying to obtain more points each time: it’s a good incentive for students to repeat the exercises.
    The question with ‘I don’t usually have cereals but today I’m having …’ was a little confusing at the start because I hadn’t realized that the verb-words could be separated and inserted in different spaces. But then I got it!
    Thank you for providing the link to the book too!
    Sincerely from a grateful fan in France!

  30. Thank you very much. First this test makes you a little nervouse to be in time, then it makes you repeat garmmar rules, and speak in better way.
    Thank you, that you increase our knowledge. You change us, it means you are a person, who changes the world “in the better side”. Thank you!

  31. 1 – “She lived here for seven years, now she lives….” the obvious meaning is that she moved after seven yers,

    2 – “She has lived here for seven years, now she lives….” could also be correct if we consider that she moved rather recently, it may even be moving day today, and the important part of the sentence is the “seven years” before now.

    3 – In the second clause, “now she is living….” would also be acceptable, especially if the implication is that she may not keep her current residence for long, e.g. now she is living with her parents.

    All three would make good test items, especially if we want our students to ‘feel’ the nuances that verb tenses create.

  32. I would like this test to give us not only score result, but small description of our result: good/very good/can be better.
    May be it is difficult, but it will be good, if test tells us on which grammar topic shall we focus our attention according to our mistakes.
    Thank you again.

  33. It is a good test. My english is not the best. The only thing I found is the time to answer is a little short. In my case I try to understand the sense of the sentence and after that find the appropiate answer. Thanks very much for your e-mails.

  34. Hi
    Thanks for the test. I got 6100. I think I got confused at No. 8 or 9 because of the many dots there, namely there were 3 blanks.

  35. Simply marvellous. Great for lower intermediate. Making your brain speed up a bit is good from time to time. Kudos =) and thank you VERY much, Viviana

  36. this is a very good test for students to practice grammar. With the timing, students are motivated to think fast to give the correct answers.

  37. Very helpful, please see my suggestion:
    1. Might want to turn off the time limit until the a respond has been selected to let user know how long it took for them to answer any particular question.
    2. When user select an incorrect answer, provide some explanation of the correct answer instead just the answer as they don’t understand why they should select the answer prompt to them when they select the incorrect one. Provide a correct answer with explanation of the choice would be more beneficial than just the answer.

  38. it’s fun – thank you.
    when the test is over, there’s a spelling mistake in the word ‘learn’ in ‘learn to make programs like this’.

    all the best,

  39. It was interesting. I think it might be helpful to show corresponding grammar points for each question at the end of test!

  40. Great test and timing too!!
    I have a question about position of adverbs , which is correct:
    I don’t usually have or I don’t have usually ?

  41. Really enjoyed doing the exercises. My only contribution is that perhaps there are too many “A” and “B” answers…
    Congratulations on everything else!

  42. A very low level and easy to do English test. It works quite well and I wish you luck with the rest of the tests.

  43. This game is very helpful and useful. I’m happy to do it cuz it makes me realize my bad point of grammar. I can improve more and more. Thanks

  44. Your bonus English lessons have always been useful for me and my family. Please improve your teaching methods . I really like this kind of learning English.
    Thanks again.

  45. aaah… wonderful set of questions there… Timer worked great there, questions were pretty good. I haven’t used the hint button though. However, I have suggestion for multiple blanks questions. You need to introduce a ‘comma’ (,) instead of space between the answers.

    If you are looking for design comments, the design could have been more sophesticated, I am not sure if you can do anything about that. But it just does the job :)

  46. It is really very helpful tool. I think it timesout too early. may be bit more time-out will help. Thanks for the tool.

  47. This test is pretty good. But I would suggest improving the design a little bit. I would change the font and the colour of the background. For example, make the font of the sentence and the font of feedback (Incorrect! The correct answer was..) different. Make the layout clean and the colors more pleasant to the eye. But all in all, looks fine. Also, thank you for your lessons, they are really helpful for my students and me:) I wish you inspiration and luck!

  48. I liked it because the questions include a few different verb tenses, not just one or two. Perhaps, there should be some information at the beginning which tenses need to be revised for this test (so that students knew what tenses they need to know to pass the test successfully). Thank you very much for the test!

  49. The test was interesting. The sentence that had the three parts to it (I usually eat breakfast) was a little confusing because you didn’t split the repsonses as you did the rest. You should have more space between the first and second answer. I really enjoy your work, it helps me teach ESL language skills to my students.

  50. It’s looking great and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished version(s). I like the timer and I think this could be a good training exercise for someone doing an exam like the TOEIC or TOEFL, where they need to work under pressure and in a limited time.
    Any ‘negative’ comments I might have had have already been made and answered, although I’m afraid I’m not convinced about the ‘cereal’ answer. here’s what I found on the net, but I know there are certain regional differences for some things.

    Anyway, keep up the excellent work!

    1. I wonder why you quoted from forums? I often find that these are full of unsubstantiated rubbish.

      I prefer to look in dictionaries. In both the Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries, I found references to ‘breakfast cereals’.

      I assumed I wouldn’t find the same thing in Webster’s but in their learning dictionary is this:

      2 : a breakfast food made from grain ◊Cereal is usually eaten in a bowl with milk poured over it. [noncount] ▪ a bowl of cereal ▪ Some kinds of cereal have a lot of added sugar. [count] ▪ Some cereals have a lot of added sugar. ▪ breakfast cereals

      so it would appear that ‘breakfast cereals’ idea is acceptable even in your region.

  51. This test is very interesting and could help me to improve English grammar. It really does work. Not only you don`t feel so boring to study grammar and also learn the knowledge from it. Thank you so much.

  52. I liked it a lot, but as it was previously said, I consider more useful if you leave the answers and mark it or cross the incorrect one instead of leaving only the correct one as feedback, with this you could give the chance to try again leaving the time you have used to answer (even if it is wrong again!). The thing with the time is a great idea and makes you think faster. I use your exercises a lot with my students and they love them.
    Thanks for sharing!

  53. What can I say than thank you in multitude. I am a Nigerian and I use english language more often than my dialet. Thank you once more for this brilliant and helpful task of yours.

  54. I liked your test , it was very exciting for me. I really enjoy your lessons every time and long for them. I would like to take some other tests from you. thank you very much!

  55. Ha! I missed the first one for the time limit surprised me. The rest were good questions that native speakers should get because of experience. The time limit
    is a great idea in that it performs a ‘game show’ kind of experience. I’m not sure of how retention would be in and of itself, however after the ‘game show’ fun an untimed review/discussion of the quiz and then another ‘timed’ quiz w/similar questions(not the same quiz) would certainly be a valid aid for understanding practical grammar usage. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  56. I liked the test very much. It’s the type of design I find most useful. The only thing I would add to it is some explanation of the Grammar when people choose the wrong answer. Congratulations !

  57. you improved my English language because now i can get some words. So i need to study deeply. The test is nice

  58. Dear Mr. Brown,
    Thank you for your job! It is a really good test! I like an idea with timer. So it makes one to think faster. I would like to have this test again with more complicated sentences and exercises which are about different parts of English Grammar.

  59. Thanks a lot for your work. Please make more such tests is desirable in topics. for instance – when we have to use Gerunds and Infinitives.

  60. Your test is really good. I like it. I’m having fun with your workout and that is very good to learn in an easy way! It’s very nice to see the result immediately I would like to have more excercises.

  61. I liked everything. The level is easy, but I enjoyed doing itI would like to have a more difficult level thoug
    Thank you very much for all your help.

  62. I like the test though I think if it showed the score at the end, you wouldn’t rush so much through the questions and make less mistakes. Maybe you should just be given a certain amount of time for each question. There’s the danger of concentrating more on the timer than on the question itself.

  63. this is a very good test. I thought it was easy at first but as you have a certain time to answer, it can reveal more difficult than it actually is! That would be a very good exercise for my adult classes. Thanks a lot for your work, it always is excellent!

  64. Hello!!
    I take this opportunity to thank you for all the free lessons I have received since i subscribed to your newsletter.

    Regarding the test, I liked it. I guess it is very good for advanced students. I would love to check it out when you add more questions.

    I guess that one of my week points are prepositions, I will appreciate if you can place some questions where I need to pick the correct one.

    Justina Cortés.

  65. Hi Pearson,thank you for this idea i like it and my son too.We have to think fast to answer the questions .we enjoyed it .Thanks again.

  66. Ha, I love the debate and discourse through the feedback column. I’ve just tried this with several Year 8’s (12yo) that I’m providing extra tuition for at the end of our holidays here in NZ – and they all struggled with the nuances of our delightful English language! A good reminder for those of us working with native English speakers too.
    Maybe a practice question at the start, just to get the feel of the timer restraint/challenge when selecting a response?

  67. I think that it is a very good way of testing the english level of a person. What made me a bit nervous while answering the questions was knowing that there was a time limit.

  68. Very good test; the time available for choosing the the correct answer is perfect; the sentences used are accurately selected to emphasize the grammatical aspect… , to say the very least. Thank you very much. Looking forward to much more, greedily :)

  69. the test is very good especially for the explanations you get with the right answer. but I think the time is a bit too short when one has to find out how to fit the answers in two blank spaces when there has to be three.
    Thank you very very much for your lessons. They are very useful.

  70. Great test! I enjoyed doing it and found it fairly challenging because of the time factor. Got one wrong at each attempt as I was in a rush to finish ! I agree that some of the questions seem a bit confusing because of the answers not following the blanks — there needs to be spacing between the different answers for the long sentences. But great fun — I did it quite a few times!

  71. Excelent, I like it very much
    Suggestions: 1) If it is possible to put levels of speed?
    Low,, Med, , Fast
    so user could choice the level for the test
    For me it is too fast,, no time to complete the questions

    2) I think will be better to put the lights below of all. I am talking about the time increase so people will read questions better without pressure

  72. I like the tests but I agree with some of the opinions here about the time lapse, because I become a little anxious about the score and it distracts me of thinking about the question. Perhaps it would be an interesting idea to have two versions, one with time and another without time. The second option is perfect to think about the question and learn from our right or wrong answers, and the first option is great to challenge our knowledge.

    Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to continue learning!!

  73. Hello,
    Thank you for your useful, interesting activities. Regarding the test, I fthink it is pretty good. However, I think you should get some kind of result, such a grade or a corresponding A1…C2 level. You may also need some more questions so as to be able to grade someone.
    The explanations are an extremely good idea! THANK YOU!!

  74. Yes, your test worked well on my Windows7. Some people still may have problems with the timing. All in all, very good effort!

  75. Challenging, useful, cool. Makes me proud of my language skills. Maybe just to make the timer optional – must all aspects of modern live be so hurry, hurry, run, and run again? In the name of us who prefer tranquility, I thank you, Mr. Brown!

  76. The test is OK. I failed some items but I do not know where the mistake is. Probably more detail explantions or references would be necessary.
    Thanks for your lessons

  77. I consider the test to be very useful for my intermediate students!
    I’m a bit confused about scouring though? How much should it be for A/B/C?
    If you are going to develop it? it will be just perfect!
    Thank you very much!

  78. That’s great.
    I suppose this is an elementary test. I’m looking forward to doing more difficult test.

    My German teacher uses another tool to prepare her students similar activities. I will ask her which programme she works with and I will tell you in a few days.

    You always do great things for us.


  79. The prgram is good but I feel explaining the tenses(to which tense it belongs) would make it better.The concept of time was vey good.Good Job!

  80. Hi Pearson, it seems it’s working great! Design is very easy and contents are clear and useful. A little suggestion: maybe you could make the explanation note a little larger!

  81. It helped me too much even if I did not get all the answers. Thaknk you too much indeed. Send again if you have

  82. Mr. Brown,

    I ve been following Your lessons I guess for almost 3 years., Thank You.

    Then back to biz: Exercise is excellent, prompt and professional. It gives an opportunity to develop skills like: reaction, concentration as well as ability to manage tasks with limited duration, say “under pressure”.

    Hope my thoughts would be useful.

    Kind regards,

    Valeriy Zorkin

  83. I could say this is a excellent test. I thought a litte bit easy, it could be more difficult, but the concept is faced to me a good to test to the brain. Because, when we’re talking at normal situation, we can feel a certain pressure, that’s why we should train this a lot.
    I’ve approved.

  84. Hi! I think it’s a great idea, I’ll just say that perhaps we need a little more explanation about our wrong answers. Thanksssssss for your job!!

  85. This is good! Thanks! :)
    Even I hate all kinds of tests with time. Panic but no problems if you learn something.
    and anyway this is fun.

  86. The test is useful but I would like to have some more time to think it over the questions in order to give the correct answers.

  87. The test is lively and well presented. Like it. I think that some of the questions would take a while to read through and understand and slow people down – but not enough to run out of time without the person realising this grammar point might need more work. Also, the potential score is not shown so one cannot compare one’s own results with it.

  88. Thank you for your efforts in preparing these English lessons – they are very interesting and these quick little tests are useful.

  89. First of all I would like to thank you for all lessons you have sent us up to now.
    this Stroppy Cat quiz was very great and well desined in particular we should do it under the pressure of time.it really brings out our garmmer abilities.
    Thanks a lot

  90. Good fun & worthwhile. I’d like the comments displayed at the bottom after selecting an answer to be a bit more prominent

  91. I’ve just done the gramma quiz. If you need my participation again, I will be glad to help. Thanks for the hints and nice messages you send to us teachers.

  92. Thanks for your hard work. It is a good test in English. 10 questions may be too little to test one’s ability in English.
    By the way, what is the meaning of “Score 4025″.
    I really thank you that you work a lot to improve many people’s English level in the world.


  93. this is the only effective English learning site that i have ever found so far!
    Best lack for all involved in this!

  94. very intersting , it helps in thinking deciding and giving one’s answers very quickly, very helpful for those who intend to sit for exams where speed is needed in answering to the questions.

  95. Thanks for a nice test. I must be ashamed of my answers as I’ve made some mistakes. You see I’m a teacher of English, have been for 38 years. Of course, I understand my mistakes. I guess I tried to do the test too quickly.
    I always read your letters with great interest, and marvel at their elegant and simple English.
    I hope you are fine.
    Sinverely yours

  96. Hello Mr. Pearson ! Thanks a lot for this test that will help my students. I’m very keen on it !!!
    All the best, Daniel

  97. To my mind it’s working ok! Time is running and it’s fun :) I can imagine my students using it and trying to find the fastest person in the group. I keep my fingers crossed for success in more questions in this game :)))

  98. Wordefull.
    It’s like a game and a challenge at once.
    The time control establishes the border between knowing and guessing the answers.

    I had a little problem when answering the questions: every click inside the yellow box was taken as an answer, even when the cursor was not on one of the proposed answers.

  99. on July 13, 2012 at 9.39 am I wrote about the programme my German teacher uses to prepare similar activities. I have asked her and today I can tell you that the programme is calle HOT POTATOES but actually I don’t know how it works.


  100. I find this exercise as useful and helpful as all the others on this site. Learning a foreign language is lifelong and we need a great deal of exercises that simulate the living environment we, the foreigners, do not inhabit. Thank you for your enthusiasm and for showing this infinite linguistic scene with more and lively drills.

  101. Mr. Brown,
    Thank you very, very much for your help. You are freely teaching us English, that is so nobal of you. God bless you. You are amazingly kind person!
    All the best to you and your family that we heard about from you. Seems like you are all good people.
    With respect,

  102. First of all tonnes of thanks to Ms. Brown for your immeasurable efforts for this English tutorials. This version in really very very helpful and interactive.
    I would request you to come up with more this sort of grammar correction questions with their explanation.

  103. This is very Important web site for English learners..,we can do self studies..
    learn a lot from this pearson studies..wishing you with the love & Gratitude to continue this Social Work for the people who seeks the English….
    again,Thanks a Lot for your Great Job…

  104. Really good job! I love your free lessons and activities. Thank you very much for your effort and keep it up!

  105. Nice thing ! I like it, but I would suggest, that you offer a possibility to try again, if the answer is wrong.( with an other sentences, of course!)
    Also I would like to have a little longer explanation. And, tests in different levels, so that we can test, in which level we are in ( A,B, C)
    Keep on !

  106. Very good test. Could you add the keys rules after the righ answer to help and improve our knowledge. Thanks for this very attractive grammar test.

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