Should you buy VIP Bot Affiliate Club subscription?

I’ll put a link to this upfront This is the link But that doesn’t mean you should click on it. Read on for a balanced view on this.

The initial price of a couple of dollars seems very attractive. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a cheap option. It’s a monthly membership so you will be paying out nearly twenty dollars a month to continue membership. Warrior Plus makes cancelling subscriptions very easy. No poking around in the innards of Paypal?. You are going to need quite a bit of working capital to apply this method. The author estimates starting cost at 500 dollars, though you probably own some of the elements already. And then he wants to sell you paid traffic at eye-wateringly expensive prices. You could need 1000 dollars for this before the sales start coming in.

So what is special about this method? Most people teach you to build an email list. But email is proving to be less and less effective. The author claims to be getting much better results using Facebook Messenger Bots. Most of the course is devoted to teaching you how to set up and use these bots. You’ll need the training because these bots are much more complicated than email. Are they a good thing? The results seem very encouraging. But they require study and Facebook is changing the rules as it develops them.

The training is pretty excellent. The author has the gift of the gab. He never uses 5 words if 10 can be used?. In addition, he solves the common problem of newcomers not being approved as affiliates. He’s a prolific author and will pre-approve members for all his courses.

In conclusion, I think you should sign up for at least a month. You’ll find out all about Bots and how to make money from them at a cheap price.

Affiliate link. Affiliate link